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Men of any age may suffer from impotency and related problems. Impotency not just affects a man’s relationships; it also affects a man in a psychological way. It prevents men from performing well in profession and social circles. There are many different causes of impotency in men. Some of the major causes of male impotency are:
Lifestyle Causes:
The modern lifestyle is extremely hectic and exerting. It does not suit the human health conditions. Here is some of the lifestyle causes of male impotency listed out for your knowledge.
Exerting and hectic work life that causes exertion and tiredness and leads to impotency in some men.
Habits like smoking, often developed to cope with the excessive stress, may lead to impotency in men.

Physical Causes:
The physical causes of male impotency could be:
Lack of proper nutrition that causes improper blood circulation through the body.
Illnesses or diseases that affect the working of the male reproductive organs.

Psychological Causes:
In case of men, even psychological causes may affect the functioning of male reproductive organs. Here are some of the common psychological causes of impotency in men.
Lack of proper coordination with the partner.
Lack of confidence or low self esteem.
Fear or aversion to sexual activity.

The different causes that lead to the same result prevent men from having a smooth sexual life. Tadaga 60mg is the best cure for men who suffer from this problem. The pill is effective in dealing with impotency in men.


The Tadaga 60mg pill effectively works to improve the blood flow and thus enhance the sexual activity of a man. The pill contributes to get rid of the blockages in the blood channels like arteries and veins. As the blood flow improves, the man gets a proper and hard erection. This allows him to have a smooth sexual intercourse with his mate. You must consult a doctor to know whether the Tadaga 60mg pill will suit your health conditions. The doctor may even decide to give you a reduced 40mg dose if this pill does not suit you.


There are many merits if you opt to take the Tadaga 40mg pill. Here we have listed a couple of the major advantages of the pill. The effect of the pill remains as long as 36 hours.
The pill starts showing its effect within an hour of consumption of the pill.
The pill is as effective as the branded counterparts but is available at a much cheaper rate.
The pill Tadaga 60mg pill can even be purchased online if you have a doctor’s prescription.
The pill does not have any lasting and dangerous side effects.


You need to consult a doctor to know the ideal dosage of the Tadaga 60mg pill. He will conduct a thorough check up and prescribe the pill only if suits your current health conditions. You need to inform the doctor of any existing ailment or illness. He will make a prescription accordingly. The doctor usually prescribes a 20mg pill of Tadaga 60mg. The pill suits most men in normal health conditions. The doctor may vary the dose if need arises.

Side Effects:

There are no lasting or dangerous side effects of the Tadaga 60mg pill. There are certain temporary side effects that happen only till the body gets used to the pill. Here we have listed them out for you. Some patients who consume this pill have reported of nasal irritation and dripping nose.
Digestive health problems like nausea and vomiting occur in the beginning of the course when the body is still not accustomed to the pill.
Some consumers also face persistent headaches and dizziness.
Stomach cramps have also been experienced by some individuals.
All the side effects are only temporary and last only till the body gets used to the dosage prescribed.

There are some basic precautions you need to take if you are consuming the Tadaga 60mg pills. Here we have listed these precautions out for you. If you are consuming pills for some existing ailment, make sure you inform your doctor about the same.
The pill should not be consumed after any tiring or exerting task.
Make sure you consume the pill as a whole with a glass of water. Do not crush or chew the pill.
Avoid consumption of alcohol if you are having these pills. Alcohol may act against the action of the pill and prevent the pill to work effectively.


Here we have listed down some of the warnings associated with the pill that you need to keep in mind when you are having these pills. The pill is meant only to cure male impotency. It does not help women with impotency and related problems.
The pill should be kept away from the reach of little ones.


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